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This is the page for the web based lightweight MySQL database browser called Websqlbrowse. Websqlbrowse is a pretty dirty hack that I wrote a couple years back. I'm not particularly proud of the writing style for this product but it is pretty decent as a lightweight database browser and was able to serve my task management needs for years until I needed a multi-user system.

This product is released under a lame custom license. This is because frankly the GPL scares me and didn't take the time to find an existing license that worked. Plus, I was young and pompous enough for it to be fun to make up another god damn license that probably isn't worth shit in a court of law anyway. So if you have a particular use in mind and feel at all impeded, just drop me a line.

As for this product's evolution, I'm sorry to say that at this time I am not able to continue to develop Websqlbrowse. It hasn't received any contributions in a long time, so the current version is pretty much as good as it's going to get. The next logical step is a completely new version based on a new, object oriented framework. This is in the works, and hopefully I'll be able to put this up in the near future. However, for now my time is more than completely taken by my job. I will still respond to as many of the support questions I receive as possible, so feel free to continue to email

--Sam 2001-02-24


Websqlbrowse is a web-based SQL database browser. It allows you to quickly and easily view your database tables and add, update, or delete records from within your web browser. Websqlbrowse provides an excellent tool to administer your database whether you are on-site or on the other side of the globe. Browse views are completely customizable, and lookups to other tables are supported.

Websqlbrowse was given the highest rating of 5 out of 5 penguins by Linuxberg.


10/28/99 Web page updated.
10/17/99 Websqlbrowse v0.70 released with new dynamic features allowing the execution of SQL scripts. Thanks to contributing developer E. Genov for conceiving and developing these improvements. See the readme for details and additional documentation provided by Genov.
6/15/99 Websqlbrowse v0.68 released with several new parameters to customize the interface. See the readme for the details. Thanks to Ross Linder for his contributions to this version.
5/26/99 Websqlbrowse v0.66 released with a change in the licensing policy. Thanks to Ross for pointing out an error in the original HSD Open Source License that caused it to stray from the Open Source definition. The offending clause of the license has been removed. The new license has been posted.
5/23/99 Websqlbrowse v0.65 released.


Websqlbrowse has been released under the HSD Open Source License. It essentially states that you are free to use and modify the software as you wish. You are also free to redistribute modified copies so long as they include clear indication that they are modified, including the date and author of the modifications. The original copyright notices may not be removed. I request that you notifiy me of any modifications you distribute. Please read the license before downloading this product.

Note that this software and documentation is being provided "as-is" with no warranty either explicit or implied. Headrick Software Development is not responsible for any damages incurred from the use of this product. Again, please read the license.


Websqlbrowse has been developed and tested under Linux, although it may be configured to operate under most other flavors of Unix as well. Currently, only the MySQL database is supported, although other database drivers are expected in the future. If you are interested in developing additional database drivers for Websqlbrowse, please email me at As this product has been release with full source code, I also welcome comments and revisions from our users regarding any and all aspects of this product.

A simple demonstration: using Websqlbrowse to view and update a Contacts table:

Click here to bring up a browse view of the Contacts table in a new window. This will allow you to get a feel for how Websqlbrowse works. From the browse view, you may click on any record to get more details. When viewing a particular record's details, an edit button is displayed to allow for record updating.

Websqlbrowse allows you to customize browse views and also configure them to display search results. Any standard SQL query will work to limit results of a browse. Websqlbrowse makes it easy to search by a text string, or by a special variable (such as Today's date). Also note that lookups may display different fields based on whether on the browse or details screen. For more information on how Websqlbrowse was configured for the above demonstration, see the readme file.


  • Websqlbrowse HTML readme file

    Note that Websqlbrowse does not perform any security functions. I recommend that you properly configure your database to grant the proper permissions unto the user you configure Websqlbrowse to act as. I also recommend that you install Websqlbrowse on an SSL-enabled web server configured to allow password authenticated users only, or on standard http server that only accepts requests from a few specific machines. Please email if you have any security questions about Websqlbrowse.


  • websqlbrowse-beta-0.70.tar.gz
  • Websqlbrowse version 0.70 beta.

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